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​Sisters Only Club History​:
In 1999, Cher Best started a book club and called it Cher's Sisters Only Book Club. What began in 1999 as a book club with 33 members grew in 2005 to a  page on the station's website at and a column in the City Tribune. The Sisters Only web page at quickly became one of the most visited pages on the station's website. That year, it was decided to take Sisters Only Club to a new level and in a new direction because there was such great reaction from women in the community about the book club, the web page, and the article. At the urging of some of my female friends and listeners Cher decided that it would be nice to have a networking and support club for women. In April, with the encouragement of one of her best girl friend's, Bonita Jefferies Jenkins, Sisters Only Club hosted its first Sisters Only event, a viewing party for the Oprah's Legends Ball. At that time about 40 women were involved. Now we are proud to say the Sisters Only Club is a database of over 102 women here in the CSRA and we are growing every day.​


​​The Sisters Only Club is a non-profit organization recognized under section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Sisters Only Club is an organization of professional black women committed to the following core values:​


  • Promoting health and wellness education ​

  • Developing the potential of teen girls and women ​

  • Improve the quality of life in the CSRA through specialty events and programs​

​All of our volunteer efforts and events are designed and implemented to benefit non-profit and health organizations. We concentrate on issues relative to girls and women. We hold monthly meetings which are the first Wednesday of each month. ​